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Monday, March 2, 2015

MPI Presents: The Best of Angelique

Coming soon from MPI:  yet another "Best of ..." compilation disc, this one focusing on Our Favorite Witch.  Thanks to Shadowgram for the tip ... here are the episodes featured:

1. Episode #368/369 : In the year 1795, vengeful witch Angelique arrives at Collinwood from Martinique.

2. Episode #405: Angelique places a vampire curse on Barnabas Collins after he shoots her.

 3. Episode #477: In 1968, Angelique appears to Barnabas in a dream to announce a new vampire curse.

 4. Episode #499: An aged Cassandra arrives when artist Sam Evans alters the ancient portrait of Angelique.

5. Episode #606: As a vampire, Angelique attacks Barnabas while he is again a mortal.

 6. Episode #852: In 1897, Angelique pursues a romance with Quentin, and Lady Kitty has a frightening

7. Episode #1003: During Parallel Time 1970, the evil Angelique poses as her twin sister Alexis.

8. Episode #1130: In 1840, Angelique appears and announces that she is Barnabas' wife.

 9. Episode #1140: Angelique recalls when, as Miranda DuVal, she testified against the warlock Judah Zachary.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dark Shadows ... in Color!

Found these on tumblr some time back.  SO ... MUCH ... COLOR.  (And you know I love it.)