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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Sunday Comics

KLS published these in her 1996 Dark Shadows Comic Strip Book, but they were in black and white, which is really too bad, and the reprint book from Hermes Press seems to be dead in the water.  Check out the colors (the colors!), the glorious early-70's colors, especially on Carolyn's mini.  I've always enjoyed that the werewolf looks like the werewolf from the series; artist Ken Bald created amazing likenesses of Jonathan Frid, and the only other characters to appear from the show were Carolyn, Elizabeth, Angelique and (in one of the first strips, and only in a portrait on the wall) Quentin.  Plus:  how cool is Mr. Sinestra?  Mr. Sinestra needs to reappear somewhere.  Maybe when Shadows on the Wall returns.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Angelique Box

Found this on ebay -- handpainted -- weird, but fun-weird.  Dude likes his Angelique be-fanged, it seems.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

House of Dark Shadows: Old Barnabas

You love him, I love him:  Dick Smith's horrific vision for Old Barnabas.

Night of Dark Shadows: Spanish VHS

I love this.  It's almost identical to the American VHS copy of Night of Dark Shadows I picked up at a garage sale in Sidney, Montana, on a brisk autumn day in 1996, right down to the mistakes (note that David Selby's character is referred to, once again, as "Charles Quentin Collins," one character instead of two). 

Plus, the title, Una Luz en la Oscuridad, translates to "The Light in the Darkness," which I kinda love.