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Friday, January 13, 2017

Happy Friday the 13th!

Let's celebrate with the deaths of some characters, beloved and less beloved.

House of Dark Shadows: Only One of the Fabulous Faces of Grayson Hall

I love this shot, from a French lobby card for House of Dark Shadows.  That look on Julia's face; man, it has taken me years to truly appreciate Grayson Hall, but here we are.  Sorry, anonymous poster from a few days ago; I kinda dig her.

House of Dark Shadows: The Death and Rebirth of Roger Collins

One of the more disturbing moments in Dark Shadows history.

1970 Parallel Time: Cyrus Longworth

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Many Not-So-Nice Deeds of Angelique Bouchard Collins Etc.

My friend Nancy asked me to categorize all of Angelique's misdeeds, which I tried to do in under five minutes.  This is insane and fun and I'm sure I'm missing a few. 


Strangled Barnabas. 


Enslaved Ben.

Love spell on Josette and Jeremiah.

Choked Ben.

Tried to stop Ben’s heart.

Turned Joshua into a cat.

Stuck pins in Sarah.

Framed Vicki for witchcraft

Lit Vicki’s Trask tree on fire.

Raised Jeremiah from the dead.

Blackmailed Barnabas into marriage.

Framed Vicki again (with a mirror and some candles and a creepy metallic sounding voice).

Lit Vicki’s room on fire and sent her into the arms of Trask.

Cursed Barnabas.

Tried to stake Barnabas.

Manipulated Josette into Barnabas’ fangs.

Showed Josette her future as a vampire hag.

Showed up at Vicki’s trial to offer condemnatory evidence.


Sent Bathia Mapes up in flames.



Enslaved Roger.

Tried to get Roger to harpoon Dr. Lang.

Forced Roger to marry her.

Insulted Liz.

Enslaved Tony.

Threatened Barnabas with the Dream Curse (as Angelique).

Started the Dream Curse with Maggie (totally on purpose).

Tried to kill Dr. Lang.

Sent Tony to steal Lang’s medallion.

Murdered Dr. Lang via voodoo.

Made David mute.

Was just generally rude to the residents of Collinwood.

Blinded Sam Evans.

Tried to force Tony to poison Professor Stokes.

Tried to kill Stokes herself (as Angelique in the Dream Chamber).

Put a Death Curse on Elizabeth.

Made Liz think she was Naomi so she would poison herself.

Tried to trick Vicki into having the Dream (a few times).

Tried to ax Adam.

Voodooed Adam.

Tried to shoot Barnabas.

Fanged Tom Jennings.

Fanged Joe Haskell.

Fanged Jeff Clark.

Made Elizabeth think she would be buried alive again.

Murdered Tom Jennings.

Fanged Barnabas.

Tattled on Nicholas to Diabolos.

Put Elizabeth back under the Death Curse (as Cassandra).

1795 (redux, part un):

Pretended to be Crystal the Hooker so Barnabas would fang her and think he killed her.

Blackmailed Barnabas.

Tried to make sure Vicki was buried alive.

Strangled Evan Hanley.

Voodooed Rachel.

Hypnotized Rachel to lie in Barnabas’ coffin.

Scared Barnabas with a vision of a stake-to-the-heart future.

Turned Quentin into a zombie.

Sent the Quentin zombie to carry off Rachel.

Voodooed Quentin.

Blackmailed Barnabas into introducing her as his fiancé.

Scared Charity Trask with a dream where she married a corpse.

Forced Quentin to agree to marry her.

 Threatened to murder Amanda with voodoo unless Quentin stayed with her.


1795/6/7 redux (parte deux)
 Taunted Barnabas with knowledge of Josette's impending doom.

Put Maggie and Quentin under a love spell.

Put Jeb under the spell of the shadow demon.

Forced Barnabas to introduce her as his wife.

Forced Julia to leave the Old House.

Re-opened the wounds on Roxanne’s neck.

Re-re-opened the wounds on Roxanne’s neck, killing her this time.

Sicced vampire Roxanne on Julia.

Threatened to turn Julia into a vampire.

Tried to get Quentin beheaded (to be fair, she thought he was Judah Zachery).


And I think that about covers it!  A lot of the damage in 1795 I credit to Barnabas, who could’ve been more discreet.