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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dark Shadows Comic Strip 5.3: Maggie Evans Must Die!

If you're tuning in on Thursday night or Friday morning and you're wondering about the giant skip in story, fear not:  I'm on vacation until Tuesday night, so I posted Friday-Tuesday's Dark Shadows comic strips.  Just scroll down to 4.6 and you should be all good.  Enjoy!

Dark Shadows Comic Strip 5.2: A Mysterious Portrait!

Still vacationing (hello from the future!), so you're getting DS comic strip-y goodness (Monday's, actually) a few days early.  Enjoy!

Dark Shadows Comic Strip 5.1: The Experiment Begins!

By Sunday, we'll still be on vacation, so enjoy Sunday's helping of the DS comic strip on a Thursday night.

Dark Shadows Comic Strip 4.7: A Tempting Proposition!

Dark Shadows Comic Strip 4.6: Surprise!

Since I'll be out of town for the next few days, and like the Luddite I am, I shall be laptopless (I'm okay with this, really).  Therefore, I thought I'd post the next five comic strips in one tidy bundle.  Enjoy!

Farewell, Dick Smith (1922-2014)

Anyone who follows this blog knows I'm fairly obsessed with the old age makeup on Dark Shadows, but with Dick Smith's work in particular.  As Danny Horn points out frequently in his blog, Dark Shadows Every Day, one of the charms of the series is how often, as a viewer, you find yourself saying, "I can't believe they just did that!" or "Didn't see that one coming."  (I should take this moment to mention that I am hopelessly addicted to Mr. Horn's blog; the days he doesn't post, I die a little, for serious.)

Enjoy some examples of the fabulousness of Dick Smith:

Dark Shadows Comic Strip 4.5: That Hoffman Woman!